Our Teams

Robogals Monash

Robogals Monash (RM) is a not-for-profit, student-run organisation that aims to encourage more young women to pursue STEM career opportunities, with a particular focus on engineering. RM conducts robotics workshops with EV3 Lego Mindstorms, with the endeavour to provide students with an understanding of what engineering (especially mechatronics) entails. This is done through presentations and set interactive programming tasks designed to encourage problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

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Female Engineers at Monash

Female Engineers at Monash (FEM) aims to support females in engineering by developing professional networks, providing opportunities and creating a sense of community for their members.

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Australian Synchrotron

ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and is widely recognised as an international player in the field of nuclear science and technology. ANSTO's Melbourne location is home to the ANSTO-owned and operated Australian Synchrotron. The Synchrotron is one of the Australia's most significant pieces of scientific infrastructure. It uses uses accelerator technology to produce a powerful source of light-X rays and infrared radiation a million times brighter than the sun.

The Australian Synchrotron offers secondary school tours that are designed to meet syllabus outcomes and enhance students’ understanding of nuclear science and technology. On these tours, students are able to obtain a deep understanding of how research using synchrotron and nuclear techniques delivers a wide range of benefits.

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Engineers Without Borders

The EWB School Outreach program involves teams of trained EWB volunteers running creative, hands-on workshops designed to open young people’s minds to the challenges facing developing countries. They also highlight inspiring career options available to engineers and technical professionals and the power of humanitarian engineering to create positive change. The workshops available include Clean Water, Appropriate Housing, Safe Structures, Prosthetics and Hydro Electric Generator.

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Monash Nova Rover

Monash Nova Rover is a team that aspires to lead the world in university robotics, as well as inspire the next generation of STEM students. They build Mars Rovers to compete in an annual intercollegiate competition, and host workshops to encourage students of all ages to be innovative and think of creative solutions to problems. In 2019 Monash Nova Rover finished in ninth place at the University Rover Challenge, their best result yet. Monash Nova Rover is uniquely multidisciplinary, due to the nature of the project, and use this to encourage students of all disciplines to accomplish great technological feats.

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Monash High Powered Rocketry

Monash High Powered Rocketry (HPR) is a group of enthusiastic students working towards the design, manufacture and flight of rockets. HPR builds rockets to hit supersonic speeds and reach altitudes of 30,000 feet. HPR strive to push the boundaries of space technologies and enable students to become the space industry pioneers of the future.

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Monash Human Power

Monash Human Powered (MHP) is a student-led team with the core objective to design and build a fully-faired human powered vehicle. MHP aim to push the limits of human speed and break the current world speed record of 144km/h. The team consists of 6 dynamic subteams, with student engineers from diverse disciplines working in collaboration to create a high-speed aerodynamic recumbent bicycle.

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Monash Motorsport

Monash Motorsport is a student-run team who design, build, test and race their very own Formula SAE cars in Australia and internationally. Their team is comprised of nearly 130 Monash University students from a range of faculties, including engineering, commerce, science, design and law.

The team operates under the fundamental values of Learning, Professionalism, Camaraderie and Performance. Currently, Monash Motorsport is ranked 2nd in the world for the combustion class and 7th in the world for electric out of over 600 teams worldwide.

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Precious Plastic Monash

At Precious Plastic Monash (PPM), our goal is to develop creative and innovative solutions to tackle plastic pollution. In 2018 PPM built their integration unit (IU), which combined four open source machine designs into a single transportable and compact plastic recycling factory. Since then they have used the IU to create unique products (including an electric guitar), educate the public at events (such as the Royal Melbourne Show) and research new techniques for plastic recycling. Precious Plastic Monash is proud to contribute to tackling a topical and significant issue in plastic pollution.

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Young Scientists Australia

Young Scientists of Australia (YSA) is a science volunteer youth organisation for people aged 15-26. YSA provide volunteers to external STEM events to either run activities for students or provide mentors often over multi day programs, doing their best to help engage the students so they get the most out of the events. YSA also runs monthly events for their members and inform them of upcoming opportunities, providing both a group of like minded souls and places where they can further themselves.

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